EEG Music Research

My current fellowship with NHS Lothian and the new Department of Clinical Neuroscience (DCN) is now nearing the practical stage. It is concerned with investigating ways that sound and music can be utilised in the healthcare environment.

As part of this I shall be doing EEG sessions between October and December, where volunteers will wear a simple EEG headset and listen to a variety of sound and music, followed by a questionnaire.

I am in need of volunteers from as wide a range of backgrounds as possible, and there is no prior experience needed. All tests will take less than an hour, be conducted in the City Art Centre in central Edinburgh, and involve simple equipment as pictured below. I will not be shaving your head and applying gel to your bald cranium.

If there is demand then sessions could also be set up in Glasgow.

All participants will also be rewarded £10 for their time, and might be asked to come back again under the same conditions (bribed voluntary). If you think you know anyone else who might be interested in taking part, including parents, grandparents and strangers feel free to pass on the details.

Just contact me through the contact page on the website if you’d like to get involved.



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