First Contact: An Alien Encounter

A new commission for BBC Studios and PBS, and again working with Nic Stacey who wrote and directed the Order & Disorder and Mechanical Marvels documentaries.

Described by BBC2 as “Drama-documentary telling the gripping story of an encounter with an alien object travelling through the solar system.” It’s a fine film.

Was critic’s choice in the Times at the weekend.


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  • Hello Alex… I want to compliment you on the soundtrack to the BBC First Contact documentary. The documentary itself was fantastic and well done. But your input with the sound was the icing on the cake. For me, it was that signal being received from beyond our solar system. I could quite happily sit in a chair with headphones on, and listen to it. Tell me, is this part of a larger recording?… And is it available commercially?
    Regards, Simon.

    • Hi Simon. Thanks a lot. I replied to this directly but I’ll answer you here too in case it answers anyone else’s query. The job was what is called a buy-out so I lose all rights to the music unfortunately. However in the past I have sometimes been allowed to release music regardless of this so it is not impossible. Time will tell. A

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