A Year On The Farm

My latest music commission:

A four part series on More4 on small scale farming.

You can watch it here:



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  • Great series. Thank you.

  • Hi Alex!

    This looks like a fun series and I quite enjoyed your music (that I heard). I’m curious, do you have an available link where one can hear your music isolated away from the show, say, like on soundcloud? Also, since I’m writing this, I’d like to pass along an invite to join Facebook Group that I manage that’s dedicated to scores that are composed exclusively for Documentary Films. The intention of the page is to highlight composers and filmmaker’s work in this very underrated area of film genres and, hopefully, to bring together a place where they can discuss and share in their craft with colleagues and fans alike.

    In any event, click the link provided below and come share in on the doc/score talks if you like. Your presence there would be a great addition.

    Thanks and I hope that this finds you doing well,


    Here’s the link to the Doc/score FB page: – https://www.facebook.com/groups/233340966807486/
    DOCUMENTING THE SCORE • Documentary Film Scores & Their Soundtracks

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